Going Live!!

Detox Angel January 13, 2012 3
Going Live!!

Morning readers!

NEWSFLASH: My January Newsletter is out now, click here to have a read. Pass on to family and friends who are interested in improving their health and well-being.

So how’s everyones week been?

I have been back at NHS Luton & Beds Alive N Kicking Child Obesity Scheme this week, for the next semester of the 12 week programme. It was nice to be back after our Xmas break!

Which got me thinking…what habits or things have you got back into since Xmas?

I have been enjoying Yoga more, and am off to my fave class on Sunday morning, I have luckily found myself a great instructor and style of yoga that suits me (the key I think).

I have also been reading more, I talked about reading more in 2012 here, but this week I have actually got round to reading a few of my fave magazines. So not managed to get out a book yet, but baby steps :-)

I have also just started watching a new series on Sky called “Unforgettable”, and already hooked after 1 episode! It stars the gorgeous Poppy from Without a Trace, if anyone used to watch that? I love police/crime style dramas! The Biggest Loser USA is also a January fave!!

It’s nice to get back into a routine again after the lovely but sometimes manic Christmas and NY period

So guys, tell me what are you glad you’ve got back this January? Workouts? Cooking your “normal” food ? Work (!)? TV-show?







  1. Layla January 13, 2012 at 10:28 am - Reply

    Hey Debs. Thought i’d comment on this post as this January I have bought back making smoothies :) havent done it in a while and I love them so have had made some really yummy ones and feel great for it!

    I have also taken up swimming again. this is a great workout and it always tires me out and gives me a great nights sleep :)

    oooo unforgettable sounds like my kind thing too…love csi’s and used to watch without a trace. il have to catch up on that!!

    Enjoy your yoga class :) xx

    • Detox Angel January 13, 2012 at 11:24 am - Reply

      Hey Layla, thanks for stopping by! :-)

      I love smoothies…u cant beat them for a quick pick me up pre or post gym! Well done with swimming as well, espcecially in the winter, that’s commitment!!
      Yes unforgettable is sooo good! I miss without a trace so this is a nice replacement :-)
      Have a nice Friday :-)

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