Use Stevia instead of Sugar for weight loss!!

Detox Angel January 25, 2012 0
Use Stevia instead of Sugar for weight loss!!

Hi Guys

I received this in the post yesterday

It’s a few STEVIA samples from The Food Doctor, Ian Marbler

Stevia is a south american herb that is used for its sweetness, as a replacement to sugar.

Studies have shown that it has a minimal effect on our blood sugar levels and has been shown to help control diabetes and obesity.

Stevia is not like other artificial sweeteners that contain aspartame. Aspartame (found in many so-called diet drinks/foods) has been linked to dozens of health problems and diseases and actually is thought to heighten a person’s response to sugar and carbohydrate. So you actually crave more sugar!!

Be sure not to get confused and mistake Stevia for Splenda or some other artificial sweetner, Stevia is a herb.

Stevia contains no aspartame luckily, and has a positive effect on type 2 diabetics (adult onset diabetics), and is thought to also enhance insulin production, therefore helping to lower high blood sugar levels. Which is vital for weight maintanence and health, in type 2 diabetics, but also the rest of us.

Stevia is said to reduce the craving for sweet and sugary foods, whereas artificial sweetners have been shown to actually increase cravings!!

Read more on Stevia and artificial sweetners here in this article if you’re interested…

However, even though Stevia has been around in the alternative health scene for a while, I have yet to try it.  Recently it has been easier to get hold of online and in the shops,  so these samples are just the ticket. I’ll let you know how I get on with them.

You can use Stevia to sweeten drinks, smoothies, in baking and general cooking, as you would sugar basically. I have a few recipes that I have wanted to try for a while, that require Stevia, so I’ll keep you posted.

As a nation, we need to reduce the amount of sugar we eat and drink, if we are to tackle our growing obesity and diabetes epidemic, so Stevia may be a way in which we can help make that happen. :-)

Off to bodypump today, not been for a few weeks, so I’m gonna be sore tomo!!

Have a good Wednesday :-)


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