It’s a good time to…

Detox Angel March 4, 2012 0
It’s a good time to…

Hi Guys

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged….had a mini blog holiday, as lots of changes are happening here at Detox Angel HQ, but I’ll explain more about that next week, when I have more info.

So we are in Spring almost, in my mind it’s official as soon as March is upon us!!

I love this time of year: everyone and everything is starting to come to life again after the cold winter and everything seems a bit more colourful and optimistic!!

In traditional medicine, we believe that Spring is the ideal time to detox or gently cleanse your body, mind and spirit, a spring-clean if you like!!

A perfect time to clear out the spare room or the kitchen drawer full of junk! Or just to sort through your old payslips or cutlery drawer. These little “spring clean” jobs help us feel lighter and brighter, less cluttered and less weighed down!

Also, Spring is a good time to try some new foods, I am loving Alfalfa sprouts right now. They are raw foods that are full of nutritious properties and help with the digestive process, they really are a nutritional gem!

You can buy them already sprouted from Holland and Barratt or any health food shop (even supermarkets sell them now) in the fridge sections. You can then sprinkle them over salads, into sandwhices or just eat them by themselves. Theyy taste a bit like cress I think.

Also, it’s a good time to dust the juicer and blender off, and start your day with a raw juice or smoothie. You can get 2 or 3 of your 5-a day in a smoothie and 1 a day in a juice.

I have had a heavy eating day today, as I met up with an old friend and so dairy, wheat and caffeine were consumed, but sometimes it does you good to let your hair down. But to help my digestion I walked for an hour tonight, so don’t beat yourself up if your halo slips a little on your healthy living plans, but make sure you get back on it asap and make sure to rest, exercise and enjoy your spring time.

I’ll see you next week with some Detox Angel news..have a great weekend :-)

Let me know, what are you looking forward to this Spring?



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