New Job and why I need structure!!

Detox Angel March 12, 2012 0
New Job and why I need structure!!


Long time, no blog.

I have always said that Spring is a great time to detox and make changes in your life…..

And things have been a changing here at Detox Angel HQ. I have been offered a full-time job as a Physical Activity Officer with St Albans council, working with their Sport & Health Development Team.

Thrilled, I am!! I have wanted a role like this for a long time, so I am super excited. In a nutshell, my job will be to encourage young people to get more active by ensuring we have facilities and resources on offer, as well as delivering some schemes myself.

So, where does that leave Detox Angel??

Well I am going to continue blogging, much more frequently again, now I know what’s going on. But I won’t be in my Berkhamsted clinic anymore as I will be fully occupied with my new job and I’ll still be working on the NHS Child Obesity scheme.

So what else is new with everyone?

I have been a bit under the weather recently, just not firing on all cylinders so to speak. But I am hoping now that I have found a fulfilling full time role, and therefore have more structure in my life, plus the fact that summer is on its way, I will get my energy back!!

It’s amazing how not having enough structure can cause you illness. Think about it, when you’re at home with no plans, this is great for a short while, but after a few weeks many of us feel lethargic, crave not so healthy food and drinks (copiuos cups of tea are my nemesis whilst I’m at home..and not the herb variety either!), and just generally feeling  “what’s the point”!

Not having a purpose in life, I believe, makes us ill. Obesity, depression and many other ailments are much more likely to occur in my life, I beleive, if I am not out and about, doing something I am passionate about.

I have found over the past year, whilst I have been working part-time, that I feel quite unmotivated most days, and often very unproductive.

I can see how our young generations without work, training or any prospects become addicts, obese and depressed. We all need a purpose to get out of bed in the morning. Whether that is to tend to our kids, our garden or our jobs. But we need some structure and purpose.

So now the sun is shining, and I have a great job to look forward to, my skies are a bit brighter. So my advice, to anyone feeling in a similar situation would be to keep searching for a job or a purpose, don’t give up and keep doing things you love in the meantime!!

See u soon :-)

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